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AD ASTRA: The New Age has waited a long time to be seen by the public.

Up until now it has remained available only to my friends and I, with the

eventual goal being conventional publication. Attempts were made with the

folks at M and B Games to do this. Unfortunately, the nature of

AD ASTRA: The New Age made conventional publication impractical;

AD ASTRA has always been very fluid in nature, both in

it's rule system, and it's constantly evolving campaign universe.

This, added with the unfortunate closing of M and B Games has made

us return to AD ASTRA: The New Age RPG utilizing an alternate

means of publication. We have decided to again try the route of ShareWare.


 This means the following:


AD ASTRA: The New Age RPG Basic Rules will be freely available via

this website for PERSONAL USE ONLY. We are in no way relinquishing

the rights to it, nor is any part of it becoming Public Domain. Instead,

we are merely asking that anyone who uses AD ASTRA: The New Age RPG

and enjoys it send in a Twenty Dollar ShareWare fee as compensation for our

efforts in both creating and sharing our RPG. In recognition of those who

send in the ShareWare fee, we will mail them a CD Rom with the full Rules for the

AD ASTRA: The New Age RPG, as well as vast amounts of supplementary

GM Secrets, Adventures, GM-Restricted Equipment, as well as 3 more Beta-Test RPGs.



AD ASTRA: The New Age is copyright 1988 thru 2005 by

Paul DuBois and Lemming Graphics